Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Find Something to Write About

I've thought about what I'm to write about and haven't yet come to a conclusion. My mind seems to fancy the idea of just writing about whatever I'm interested in that millisecond. A topic that I'm interested in focusing on, however, is technology - like the weird pages I stumbled upon when I was trying to find out if the iPad Air 2 is going to have 2 GB of RAM or not.

The problem with this is I think I already know all I really need to know about in this area - I don't. A way to remedy this false idea would be for me to write about brand new advancements, but that would require sources I don't have access to, so my writing would become nothing but a strange version of the telephone game, or just simple reviews (Not that I actually have anything against either of those things). I could instead research the capabilities of these new things by pestering the people who try to sell them to me in the mall when I actually want to buy a pair of pants, or wandering to the hospital and casually ask about new equipment (Although that would require arranging a ride there, or a conveniently timed injury). If I'm focused on the potential of new technologies then I'll have some rather interesting material.

A completely different course of action I could take to find what I could write on would be questioning the effect these things have on people, such as with the following prompts:

"Does using the Internet make you more inclined to protect the Internet?"

"Do recent technologies have adverse effects on youth?"

"Do new washing machines not properly prepare people for real life situations?"

And the like. This sort of investigation would be about psychology. Data and results would be found using statistical methods.

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